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TheCraftyCatsman – Kids bib for Cat Charity


We design and produce kids bibs that benefit local cat focused charities.

Ask yourself: Do you love cats and have kids?

Do you love cats and have friends that have kids that need to know how much you love cats?

If yes to either of these questions then this limited release kids bib is just the thing you need.

Bib reads “Protecting me from dribbles and spills got these cats some kibbles and milk”.

Contrary to his facial expression, Rocco wanted to model it for you but keep in mind this bib is for human kids not cat kids 🙂

Write “ILoveCats” and we will include a free cat toy.

About us: We have a toddler (Ayda) who adores her two adopted stray cats (Rocco and Reeses). Ayda tested our product for weeks and calls it her “cool bib”. Our IG shows pictures and videos of her using the bib at her breakfast bar.

We hope you enjoy it !

50 in stock

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  • 1 Bib
  • Snap lock design keeps the bib secure. Beaded strap allows for flexibility on neck sizes.
  • Spill catcher keeps dropped food off of outfits.


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