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It Started with a Planter

When learning, I always said that if I could build a good rectangle (like a planter) then I could learn how to do most of the projects that I wanted to do.


It started on a fire escape with a Ryobi circular saw and drill. The result was a box, a crooked bracket filled hodgepodge that was a bit of an eyesore but served its purpose and in turn kicked off a hobby that I continue to love. In the picture above, I made the bench that Rocco (the cat) is sitting on. Lasered the top with a custom image of Ayda and Rocco and built the (very simple) windowsill/breakfast bar that they both sitting at. 


My first “workshop” was a fire escape, my second was a small apartment patio where I cut the frame for a full size arcade cabinet. I then worked out of a 100 year old basement and now have a garage workshop.


 I learned by being scrappy and making due with the tools and space that I had available. This website reflects this mentality. Projects are categorized by difficulty as well as the tool requirements. From a scrappy alley cat with bare bone tools to a house cat, sitting in a comfy sometimes warm workshop – I aim to help you build with what you have while offering insight on what to acquire next.


 I am just a DIY’er and my method is far from perfect, heck it may not even be the “right way” but I focus on being safe and having fun. Our two adopted stray cats used to hang with me while I worked (hence the name) but my 2 year old daughter has taken their place. Seeing the discipline that projects teach her paired with the pride of her completing a project is hard beat. You will see pictures and videos of her on her often. Look out for sections that specifically call out for kid help – it’s a great way to get them involved.


Feel free to reach out at anytime, subscribing will keep you in the know on new projects and sales on tools that I have in my workshop