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This website is for the average or aspiring DIY woodworker. Our feature articles include a hidden bookcase door, floating shelves and even a simple record holder. Woodworking projects that you can do alongside your kid or cat…in fact that’s why I (Crafty) typically say “we”. My daughter, cat or both tend to be right by my side helping along. Use the navigation bar above to find the right project for you, or, scroll a little further for some overviews.


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Before Diving in

Whether you are an aspiring DIY’er, someone who saw a cute woodworking video of my daughter, or simply stumbled in from a search – thank you for visiting TheCraftyCatsman.

The site is organized by tool requirement and difficulty. Click the below to get started.

Feature Section: Speakeasy Bar Arcade

We built a secret bar arcade behind a bookcase door and documented the whole process. Click below to see how we built this Barcade for less than what a contractor wanted to charge to put up the studs!

Click the picture below to see all of my DIY Arcade Bar Projects.

TheCraftyCatsman - Speakeasy Arcade

From a secret door, Bar, custom light fixture, painted concrete floors, corrugated metal ceiling, rustic wall (for $20!), hidden AC ducts and even a virtual pinball machine!


Bar Arcade Posts

Here are a list of Projects and Posts associated with the secret bar arcade. 

DIY How to Build a Bookcase Door - Link
Virtual Pinball Machine
DIY Corrugated Metal Ceiling
TheCraftyCatsman - Basement Bar
DIY Rustic Wall and Bookcase Door Back
DIY Hand Hewn Barn Beam Light
TheCraftyCatsman - Hide AC Ductwork
Basement Arcade
TheCraftyCatsman - DIY Basement Bar 5 Steps to Success
TheCraftyCatsman - 5 Tips When Deciding to Build or Buy a Bookcase Door
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Let’s brush up on the basics.


Polyurethane 101
Slab Wood Buyers Guide
Sanding 101


Woodworking Projects

All woodworking that are not related to the arcade project


Barn Beam Mantel
White Picket Fence with Cat Face
Cat Perch Windowsill
DIY Floating Slab Wood Shelves
Scrap Wood Walnut Record Holder
White Picket Fence with Cat Face


The Future of Woodworking: AI, CNC and Beyond!

Furry Friends Fascinated by Fringe Fretwork…and other woodwork (we just wanted the F).

Robot Cat at desk working on a computer, cinematic lighting, digital art Dalle-2 image. Blue backdrop
Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT For Woodworkers
digital cats staring at a laser with safety glasses on.


History of the Tools we know and Love

Need a break from projects but to stay on topic? Learn some interesting things about the tools we love (there may be some historical cat knowledge dropped as well)

Cat holding a sign that reads "The History of The Circular Saw"
The History of The Pencil
Cat holding a sign that reads "The History of The Screwdriver"
Cat holding a wooden sign that reads: The History of The Chisel



Learn what’s in the CraftyCat’s Toolbox and why. 

Cat Wearing a construction hat and headphones, holding up a sign that reads "Top three orbital sanders"
digital cat with hat and colorful glasses holding a sign that reads: Top 5 Sawhorses of 2023
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