DIY woodworking projects for every budget and skill level

Small Backyard DIY

Row Home Backyard transformation 

This before and after page was created by popular request. Ashlee and I designed and built everything in the after photo. From turf to a platform deck, flower wall and a white picket fence with a cat face cat entrance.  This is more of an inspiration page then a tutorial. When time permits, we will outline some of these projects for you!


TheCraftyCatsman - Backyard before


Small backyard renovation

walnut floating shelf. Shelf with neutral tone wall.Floating Shelves

A great DIY way to add natural elements to a space. It’s also budget friendly woodworking alternative to store bought natural shelves.




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Bookcase Door. Hidden entrance.Hidden Doorway Bookcase

A secret DIY hidden door bookcase and a budget friendly approach to the Murphy door. Your woodworking skills will be tested with this one. 

Difficulty: HARD 2

     Tools: DALL·E 2022-08-17 09.58.48 - fat bro cat with hat and headphones and Dewalt safety glasses, sleeping on plush royal robes, surrounded by power tools, cinematic lighting, digital a

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