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Flaviar Advent Calendar 2023

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flaviar’s 2023 advent calendar – A Gift Worth Giving?

We have early access to Flaviar’s highly coveted 2023 Advent Calendar. Follow along as we break down the value proposition, detail the packaging and go in depth with this years ultimate whiskey lovers holiday gift. 

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Flaviar Advent Calendar 2023 - Displaying all 24 vials on a spalted maple bar
Review of Flaviar's 2023 Whiskey Advent Calendar: Is It Worth It?     

Review of Flaviar's 2023 Whiskey Advent Calendar: Is It Worth It?


Review of Flaviar's 2023 Whiskey Advent Calendar: Is It Worth It?


Flaviar's 2023 Advent Calendar is more than just a holiday gift; it's an experience. Since its inception in 2018, this highly coveted Advent Calendar has been the go-to holiday gift for whiskey enthusiasts, often selling out completely in early November.

We have been given an exclusive first look at the 2023 edition of Flaviar's Advent Calendar. If you know us, you know that our Speakeasy Bar Arcade is well stocked with dozens of whiskey from around the world. We are fans of the Flaviar Membership, particularly because of the ability to sample whiskeys that we may not have had the opportunity to sample otherwise. Our task today is to break down the Flaviar's 2023 Advent Calendar, determine the value proposition, see if Flaviar listened to the critics of 2022 (looking at you Reddit) and most importantly help you determine if this is the right gift for your holiday season.

Product photo of Flaviar's 2023 Advent Calendar

Flaviar’s 2023 Advent Calendar.

The Value Proposition

Flaviar's 2023 Whiskey Advent Calendar: A Comprehensive Value Proposition Analysis

In 2023, Flaviar presents a curated selection of 24 premium 50ml whiskey vials from global distilleries, designed for an unparalleled tasting journey. The Advent Calendar distinguishes itself with intricate and unique artwork that perfectly complements Flaviar's unique brand identity. With an impressive track record of over 65,000 units sold and an average customer rating of 8.7 on, the expectations are sky-high for this year's edition.

Enjoying a quality whiskey shouldn't break the bank. At most restaurants, a single pour of Angel's Envy can set you back $18, whereas Flaviar offers the entire bottle for just $42.99. Even rarer bottles, which can command a $200 price tag for a single tasting at bars, become accessible with Flaviar's model.

Whether you're considering gifting the Advent Calendar to a whiskey aficionado, a skeptical friend, or even yourself, evaluating the value proposition is crucial. One key metric is the breadth and quality of the whiskey selection. Our analysis finds no comparable bundle of tastings on the market. Below is a snapshot of what is being offered:

Breakdown of Whiskey Diversity in Flaviar's 2023 Advent Calendar

  • Geographical Diversity: The selection features whiskeys from 7 different countries, including 13 from the United States, 3 from Ireland, 4 from Scotland, 1 from Australia, 1 from England, 1 from Denmark and 1 from Japan.
  • Type Diversity: With 6 distinct types of whiskey represented, the variety includes 6 Rye whiskeys, 5 Single Malts, 4 Bourbons, 5 blended, and 3 Irish whiskeys, plus 1 Scotch whisky.
  • Aging Process and Cask Finish Diversity: Special aging processes include one cask strength, one bottled-in-bond, and one port cask finish whiskey.

Having established its unique and diverse selection, the next logical step is to delve into the finer details to determine if Flaviar's 2023 Whiskey Advent Calendar offers true value for your investment.


Flaviar’s 2023 Advent Calendar.

The Money Line


The Money Line: Whiskey Advent Calendar Cost Analysis


Selection and Quality

We can clearly see that the selection stands out from its peers. Great, but variety doesn't always mean that something is a worthwhile purchase. The next and arguably the most important variable is price.

Having an industry-leading selection is only worth it if the gift isn't overpriced. Earlier, we discussed the inclusion of 24 sample vials. Each vial measures 50ML, which is enough for a solo pour or a decent two-person share session.

Flaviar touts samples from $150+ bottles of whiskey and that's true. However, don't expect every sample to be from a $150 bottle.

Welcome to my research-driven reality. This site was created to share my obsessive findings in order to help you build, buy, and learn.

My credibility is built on the free and detailed plans that I offer on various projects. However, for unbiased pricing, I turned to ChatGPT for an AI-driven cost breakdown. I fed GPT the list of Whiskey that is included in the 2023 edition of the Flaviar Advent Calendar and asked it to crunch the numbers.

Cost Breakdown

Component Lower Bound (USD) Upper Bound (USD)
Average cost of one 750ml bottle in the Advent Calendar $61.25 $84.58
Average cost of a 50ML sample $10.20 $14.10
Package of 24 samples $244.80 $338.40
2 Glencairn glasses $20 $20
Premium packaging $20 $20
Flaviar Base Membership $60 $60
Total Package Price $344.80 $438.40


We estimated the total package price to be between $344.80 and $438.40. This is significantly higher than Flaviar's pre-order price of $250, making it an attractive offering.


The figures provided are estimates based on industry trends and are subject to change. We have opted for a conservative markup of 150% for the 50ml samples.


Flaviar’s 2023 Advent Calendar.

The Verdict

My Thoughts

Finally, the boring stuff is over. We dissected the value proposition and even phoned an AI friend to help break article bias. By the numbers, Flaviar's 2023 Advent Calendar is worth the purchase. But, we are more than just numbers, right?

Packaging and Care

The foam packing is form-fitted, snug, and keeps everything tight and safe. The two Glencairn glasses are secure with no fear of breaking. 2023's Edition of the Flaviar Advent Calendar has some subtle changes as well. One of these is the inclusion of numbers at the top of each sample. Each number was perfectly centered inside the advent calendar. This may seem trivial but I think it speaks to the care that was put into the package. Opening the calendars sections could be a little distracting if say, the number "4" was sideways when you opened the section and looked at it. The artwork shines a golden hue, albeit strange — let's call it unique. In all, this is a solid product that does not feel cheap in any way. It's large, only fitting on the largest section of my hidden bookcase door.

No More App

Flaviar listened to the critics of 2022. One of the loudest complaints was around the tasting journal. In 2022 the journal required users to download an app. Many users reported issues using the app and it broke the experience. This year, Flaviar went back to analog - providing a detailed and well-appointed tasting journal.

1-Year Base Membership Benefits

Let's not forget about the 1-Year base membership. This includes 1-year of the following benefits:

  • FREE shipping on all orders above $60
  • Access to a wide range of fine spirits from around the world
  • Early access to exclusive bottlings
  • Member prices in our online store on select products
  • Access to a lively spirit lovers community
  • Tons of educational resources

Do I Recommend Flaviar's 2023 Advent Calendar?

Yes, I do recommend Flaviar's 2023 Advent Calendar. This is truly a unique product and gift that lasts long after the 24 days of sampling. The price point is right, the presentation is solid and the membership extends the gift for a full year. I enjoyed my experience thus far and look forward to sampling each Whiskey.

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Affiliate Disclaimer

I am a real person, and this article is written by my own hands. I have over 15 years of experience evaluating products, at one point ranking among the top 10 Amazon reviewers globally. Long gone are the days when Amazon interactions were less manipulative than they are now.


I despise affiliate bias as much as you do. While it's true that advertising is a part of virtually every online platform, it's not the only way I sustain this website. I maintain the site primarily through my passion for creating unique projects, but yes, your clicks and support do contribute to covering the ongoing expenses like hosting fees.


I am meticulous in curating the companies I collaborate with and remain critical in my evaluations. If my review of the Flaviar Advent Calendar has been helpful to you, feel free to use the links on this page to make a purchase—I will earn a commission. Not interested in the Calendar but like the content? Remember, clicking through any ad here helps support the site.


To further solidify the review, I consulted with ChatGPT. Tasked with thinking like a master distiller, ChatGPT assessed the 24 whiskeys in the Advent Calendar and concluded that the offering is well-rounded, covering a diverse range of styles, aging techniques, and flavor profiles.


Whether you trust me or the AI, I'm pleased to endorse the Flaviar Advent Calendar as a recommended purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click the plus to learn more

+ What is in Flaviar's 2023 Advent Calendar?

The 2023 edition includes 24x 1.7-ounce vials of world-class whiskeys, 2 collectible & exclusive Glencairn glasses, a tasting journal, and a free Flaviar Base Membership which offers various perks.

+ Where can Flaviar's Advent Calendar be delivered?

The Flaviar 2023 Advent Calendar can be shipped to all US states with the exception of the following: AK, AR, DE, HI, MS, SD, UT and WV. It can't be delivered to Guam, Puerto Rico, APO/FPO/DPO (AE/AP/AA) addresses, and PO Boxes.

+ How Much is Flaviar's 2023 Advent Calendar?

Pre-order pricing for Flaviar's 2023 Advent Calendar is $225 with corporate discounts available. Regular pricing for Flaviar's Advent Calendar is $250.

+ Is the Flaviar Advent Calendar Worth it?

Yes, the Flaviar Advent Calendar offers a curated selection of high-quality whiskeys and exclusive membership perks, making it a worthwhile investment for enthusiasts and beginners alike.

+ What Makes Whiskey a Good Holiday Gift?

Whiskey lovers all seem to love variety and trying new things. Sure, we all have our favorites but part of the journey is to explore different flavor profiles. Giving Whiskey as a gift may introduce the recipient to something that they may not have tried earlier.

+ How Do I Choose the Right Whiskey for a Gift?

When choosing a whiskey gift, consider the recipient's taste preferences, whether they like their whiskey smooth, smoky, or spicy. Gift sets like the Flaviar Advent Calendar can also offer a diverse tasting experience.

+ What is your favorite Bourbon Whiskey?

Delightful for you to inquire. Hands down my favorite pour of Whiskey is Blackened Cask Strength. It's not too expensive and is bursting with flavor.

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