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Is Flaviar Worth it?

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Is Flaviar Worth the Hype? A Complete Guide to Whiskey Subscription Service.

It’s 2023 and a lot has changed.

Lets dive in.

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A Comprehensive Review of Flaviar: Is This Whiskey Delivery Service Worth It?  

A Comprehensive Review of Flaviar: Is This Whiskey Delivery Service Worth It?

Let's start off with the basics. Yes, Whiskey can be delivered straight to your door. Amazing, right? I think so. That being said, there are some important things to learn before you start to get to know your UPS driver better.

I researched Flaviar's delivery service for a long time before committing. Reddit and Facebook groups gave some direction, but there wasn't enough depth there for me to make a decision. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a full 1-year Flaviar membership. I look forward to sharing my research, experience, and opinions with you all so that you can make an informed decision.

Summary on Flaviar

Founded in 2012, Flaviar is an online spirits club aimed at helping members discover new liquors. The company is known for its tasting boxes, which allow customers to sample a variety of spirits, including Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Mezcal, Cognac, Brandy, Vodka, Non-alcoholic Spirits, Ready-to-Drink Bottles, Other Spirits as well as custom-crafted items exclusive to Flaviar.

Flaviar offers an exclusive membership model, where members receive several benefits including free shipping, member pricing, and access to rare and original spirits. Access and rare are two keywords that I will cover later on in this review. The company also curates special events and tastings, giving members a deeper dive into the world of spirits. The question is, do these benefits justify the price tag? Let's jump in.

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My Go-To Whiskey Glass: TsukiGlass Storm Crystal

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Is Flaviar Worth it?


Demystifying the Flaviar 'Rare' Whiskey Myth

Let's address a common criticism right off the bat: Flaviar's marketing of 'rare' whiskeys. You might have seen ads touting bottles of Wild Turkey or Angels Envy as rare finds, which is misleading to say the least. Especially when these bottles are readily available at places like Fine Wine and Good Spirits in Pennsylvania.

This marketing tactic has certainly led to some skepticism, especially among those who know (or claim to know) about whiskey. This issue frequently came up in negative comments on Reddit, for instance.

A better marketing strategy could focus on speed, price, and convenience—something like "Get your favorites fast, for a good price and with free shipping for members."

The Whiskey Rarity Scale: From Jack Daniels to Pappy Van Winkle

Let's drill down into the concept of whiskey rarity. Picture a scale from everyday finds like Jack Daniels to elusive bottles like Pappy Van Winkle. While Jack is easy to find, acquiring a bottle of Pappy is another story entirely.

Curiously, you can find Pappy Van Winkle on Flaviar. So why isn't this featured in their ads? It's a missed opportunity, but also highlights another issue we'll address shortly—price.

Where Flaviar Really Shines: The 75% Mark on the Rarity Scale

The sweet spot for Flaviar's service is around the 75% mark on our imaginary rarity scale. This starts with more common but sought-after brands like Angels Envy and goes up to the hard-to-find allocations like Blackened Cask Strength, which is difficult to find in states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If you're searching for Buffalo Trace, an allocated bourbon in Pennsylvania, Flaviar has you covered. However, for something like Eagle Rare or Blantons, the experience might leave you frustrated. That's a topic we'll explore in another section.

Is Flaviar Worth it?


Tsukiglass Storm crystal whiskey glass sitting on a warm spalted maple DIY Bar. Product photo with whiskey bottles in the background

Yin and Yang


Let's take a deep breath, long sip and crunch some numbers.

I am in Pennsylvania, a regulated state. There are positives and negatives to a regulated state. First, pricing is regulated. When you find a bottle of Blantons it is actually at a reasonably set price and not 3-4x what other privately run liquor stores in non-regulated states may choose to charge. The downside is that those allocations are few and far between and hard to find bottles sell out in minutes. So, while we can get some favorable pricing, getting the actual bottle is a challenge.



Whiskey Brand Flaviar Price In-Store Price (Pennsylvania) Location $ Savings using Flaviar % Savings using Flaviar
Angels Envy $43.99 $54.09 Pennsylvania $10.10 18.67%
Basil Hayden’s Bourbon $46.99 $46.99 Pennsylvania $0.00 0.00%
Basil Hayden’s Toast Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey $47.99 $57.19 Pennsylvania $9.20 16.10%
Barrel Vantage $81.99 $89.99 Pennsylvania $8.00 8.89%
Blackened $43.99 $49.99 Pennsylvania $6.00 12.00%
Blackened 72 Seasons $47.99 $53.99 New Jersey $6.00 11.12%
Blackened Cask $59.99 $59.99 New Jersey $0.00 0.00%
Blackened Wes Henderson $98.99 $109.99 New Jersey $11.00 10.00%
Buffalo Trace $30.99 $30.00 Pennsylvania -$0.99 -3.30%
Bulleit Straight Bourbon $26.99 $33.29 Pennsylvania $6.30 18.93%
Heaven Hill 7 Year $54.99 $49.99 Pennsylvania -$5.00 -10.00%
Hillrock $102.99 $110+ New Jersey $7.01+ 6.37%+
WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey 10 Year Old $83.99 $93.59 Pennsylvania $9.60 10.26%




But what if we slide that scale further?

This is where Flaviar's pricing model breaks down. Once a month, Flaviar opens up the "vault", a release of hard to find rare bottles of whiskey and other spirits. I have observed a number of vault releases and every time left unimpressed by a wide margin.




Bottle Name Price
Blanton’s Single Barrel Red Takara Japanese Edition $213.00
Blanton’s Straight From the Barrel $234.00
Blanton’s The Original Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey $187.00
Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon $228.00
Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey $119.00
Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey $96.00
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch C922 Straight Bourbon Whiskey $84.00
Nikka Miyagikyo Discovery Series 2021 Single Malt Japanese Whisky $286.00
Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old 107 Proof $986.00
Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 15 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey $2,499.00
Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 20 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey $3,887.00
Van Winkle Special Reserve Lot “B” 12 Year Old Bourbon $1,054.00
W.L. Weller 12 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey $315.00
W.L. Weller Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey $593.00



Flaviar's Vault: A Reality Check on Value and Expectations

Flaviar's Vault can be an enigma. You'll see some incredibly rare bottles listed, but the pricing often leaves something to be desired. Take Eagle Rare, for example; at $96, is just ridiculous.

If you're a Florida State fan gearing up for the FSU-LSU game in Orlando—like me—you'll get the analogy (update: FSU won and they raffled Blanton's at the tailgate, all good here). The vault feels like sipping Fireball neat in a 90-degree Florida tailgate. It's not the kind of experience I was hoping for when I imagined access to 'rare' spirits.

Recap: The Real Value in Flaviar's Membership

So where does Flaviar excel? It's in the everyday-to-excellent bottles. Think of it as a reliable source for your 'daily drivers.' Free shipping and consistent availability make this a good deal. On the flip side, the vault doesn't live up to the hype. Reddit reviews echo my sentiment. Flaviar markets itself as a gateway to exclusive, hard-to-find spirits, but the reality is more grounded. It's better described as a 'good spirits at a fair price' service.

Is Flaviar Worth it?

Membership Options

Flaviar Membership Options and Value


Flaviar offers three tiers of membership options. To get straight to the point: if you're considering a membership for yourself, the 1-year Flaviar membership offers the best value. For gifting purposes, the one-month or three-month options may be more appropriate.


Why the One-Year Membership Makes Sense


As a seasoned Flaviar member, let me break down why the one-year membership stands out:

With a promotional price of $315, you get four full-sized bottles, four sets of three 1.5-ounce sample vials, plus a Jefferson's Ocean bottle (current promotion). The selections are curated quarterly.


Raw Value:

  • Jefferson's Ocean Bottle: $85.99
  • Average Bottle Value: $50.00 (x4) = $200.00
  • Total Full-Size Bottle Value: $285.99
  • Sample Vial Price: $15 (x4) = $60
  • Initial Total Implied Value: $345.99

Member Benefits:

  • Free shipping for orders over $60
  • Limited Release bottles exclusive to Flaviar
  • Access to the Flaviar Vault

In summary, the one-year membership essentially pays for itself. The actual dollar value is justified, even without considering the additional perks like free shipping and exclusive access.

One area where Flaviar could improve is by offering a wider range of sample packages. For example, I've always wanted to try Japanese Whiskey, and Flaviar's limited selection here offers room for improvement.


My Involvement with Flaviar


If you're new to TheCraftyCatsman, let me be transparent:


I signed up for the 1-Year Flaviar Membership using my own money. However, I do receive a small commission if you use my affiliate link to register. If you find this review helpful, please consider using my link as it helps support the site and allows me to continue creating quality content.


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Is Flaviar Worth it?

Customer Service

Flaviar Customer Service: A Detailed Review

What would a comprehensive Flaviar review be without diving into customer service? So, after conducting months of research and analysis, I finally took the plunge and subscribed to Flaviar's 1-year whiskey membership.

First Impressions: Packaging Issues

My enthusiasm for unboxing my new whiskey bottles hit a snag when I noticed two noticeable gashes on one of the labels. Not the best start for a service focused on premium whiskey enthusiasts. So, I documented the issue with photos and reached out to Flaviar's customer support.

Initial Customer Support Response

Their initial response was swift but slightly disappointing. The automated message seemed to minimize the issue. This was frustrating, considering the premium nature of their service and how many whiskey collectors display their bottles.

Resolution and Replacement

Long story short, Flaviar eventually shipped a replacement bottle. But, the process was marred by shipping errors that sent multiple boxes and extra bottles. Despite the complications, customer service was proactive, responsive, and even offered a $10 credit for the inconvenience.

Subsequent Orders: Flawless Experience

It’s worth noting that the damaged bottle seems to be an exception rather than the rule. I’ve since ordered multiple bottles, all of which arrived in perfect condition.


Is Flaviar Worth it?

Flaviar: I hope you’re listening

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Flaviars tasting trio is a great idea, but leaves something to be desired. 

Flaviar Review: Areas for Improvement

Price Markups on Rare Whiskey Bottles

The price markup on rare bottles like Eagle Rare may cause some eyebrows to rise. It's true that these elusive bottles can be difficult to find at a fair price, but the high cost on Flaviar could be viewed as pushing the envelope.

Limited Whiskey Tasting Selections

Flaviar promotes itself as a platform to discover new whiskies, which holds true to an extent. However, the limited number of tasting combinations—only 19 at the time of writing—leaves room for improvement.

Missed Opportunities in a Growing Market

With the US whiskey and bourbon market growing by 13.7% from 2022 to 2023, and over 800 distilleries in the US alone, Flaviar has a massive opportunity to expand its tasting selection. Such an expansion could be a win-win for both distillers and Flaviar subscribers.

Personal Experience with Tasting Boxes

While I enjoyed the tastings I received, including the "Secret Flavors of Japan" box, I find that more options would greatly enhance one of Flaviar's main selling points.


Is Flaviar Worth it?


Final Thoughts on Flaviar Membership

If you've been enjoying a glass or two while reading this article, I hope the details have been enlightening. Now, let's summarize the main points.

My Final Verdict on Flaviar

Would I renew my 1-year Flaviar membership? The answer is a resounding Yes, absolutely.

From a pure cost perspective, Flaviar pays for itself. Add to that the availability of my favorite whiskey at good to fair prices, plus free fast shipping, and the value becomes unmistakable. I have ordered over a dozen bottles outside of the quarterly subscription, even ordering a special Kosher bottle, sent directly to a friend for the upcoming holiday.

Extras like member events and exclusive opportunities are just the cherry on top. If you are someone who has read that these events stopped, it seems like they took a break but recently reinstated the program. Members were recently offered to go attend a free whiskey tasting in NYC (with a +1).

Flaviar as a Tool for Whiskey Enthusiasts

For those who relish the thrill of the whiskey hunt, think of Flaviar as a useful addition to your toolbox. It doesn't replace the adventure, but it sure makes some aspects easier.

Please remember that all content on TheCraftyCatsman, from DIY guides to reviews, is free. If you're considering Flaviar, do support this site by using the link below.

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Thank you for your time. Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite pour or any other thoughts you'd like to share.


Is Flaviar Worth it?

What about those Glasses?

TsukiGlass_Storm Premium Crystal Whisky Glass produict photo. Warm tones, eleghant glass sitting on a spalted maple bar with quality whiskey bottles in the background


Did the whiskey glass featured in this article catch your attention? The Storm is my go to whiskey glass. It’s balanced, has a good weight, solid build quality and eye catching functional design.

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Whiskey Timeline

Whiskey Timeline

1405: Ireland
1496: Scotland
1608: Bushmills
1783: Evan Williams
1920-1933: Prohibition
1964: Bourbon
1821: First bourbon distilled in Kentucky
1870: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is introduced
1891: Scotch whisky is exported to the U.S.
1919: Temperance movement succeeds in banning alcohol
1980s: Single malt scotch gains popularity
2000s: Craft distillery movement begins
2010s: Bourbon tourism booms in Kentucky
2018: U.S. whiskey exports hit $1 billion
2020s: Virtual whiskey tastings become a trend
2023: 800+ whiskey distilleries in the U.S.


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