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xTool P2, Gamechanging potential.

Glowforge Pro, GWeike Cloud Laser Cutter comparison

Explore the xTool P2 Laser Cutter, a game-changer with innovative features like curved surface engraving, rotary engraving, and more.

xTool P2 Laser Engraver



Update 07/13/2023: We are over a month into testing with the P2 and pride ourselves in being one of the top ranking google searches for P2 information, thank you for your support! We get asked a lot if we were part of the group of people that received their units for free or as part of a promotion to create content talking about the machine. These content creators create stellar and helpful videos but there seems to be a stigma of bias. We want to let you know that we paid for our machines with cold hard cash (credit but who’s counting). 

There are some great videos out there but we wanted to do something different. A central place for people to get unbiased information from someone that has been lasering for over 5 years. Our machine is running all of the time and we are happy to offer feedback to those on the fence about purchasing the P2, feel free to reach out to us –  Feel free to ask about a demo of making a product or even something custom for us to mail to you (for a fee of course). We want this to be interactive and we want you to make the right decision, it’s no small investment!  

In recent years, laser cutting and engraving have become more accessible to individuals and small businesses. With the introduction of various laser cutter models in the market, it can be challenging to decide which one best suits your needs. In this comprehensive blog post, we will compare three popular laser cutter models: xTool P2, Glowforge Pro, and GWeike Cloud. We will analyze their specifications, features, and pricing to help you make an informed decision.

Before we do, here is a Dalle-2 image of Cats watching a laser engrave wood. Get used to it, this is just our vibe (at least they are wearing eye protection). 

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k40 laser, basement, screen, rough setup

xTool P2 Laser Engraver

xTool P2, Glowforge Pro, Gweike Home and Pro Comparisons

In this section, we will compare the specifications and features of xTool P2, Glowforge Pro, GWeike Cloud Home, and GWeike Cloud Pro laser cutters. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I think a chart counts.

The most important thing to us is the three C’s . Clouds, Curves and Complexity.

Clouds (not the fluffy kind): One of the main reasons we held off from buying a Glowforge is because of the need to connect to the cloud. Having an internet connection to cut seemed like an illogical construct. The xTool P2 works offline (as all cutter should). 

Curves: We know all about workarounds and tinkering but at this price point we expect those nuances to be kept to a minimum. This is where the xTool P2 shines (it’s pretty little invisible beam). Optional rotary attachment integration is great but the ability to cut on curved surfaces without the rotary is extremely impressive. It’s important to note that we have yet to have the ability to test this feature but demo videos show it working, see an example of this below the chart. It is one of the first things we will be engraving (cat themed of course). 


Complexity: As mentioned above, we are familiar with the complexities of lasers. At this price point, we want a laser that is ready to go out of the box with minimal tinkering for functionality. Every minute spent fixing a flaw is lost revenue, cost of materials and/or time with your loved humans or cats (fine, dogs too). The close up camera alignment of the xTool P2 is unrivaled in the market. I have personally lined things up within a hairline of accuracy, a true game changing feature.

xTool P2 Engraving a Curvy Guitar

This video of the xTool P2 laser engraving a curvy guitar truly gets us excited at the potentials to come!

xTool P2 Laser Engraver

Let’s get down to business

Enhancing Your DIY Woodworking Business with Laser Engravers

If you already have a small woodworking business, investing in a laser engraver like the xTool P2, Glowforge Pro, or Gweike Cloud can help you take your business to the next level. Here’s how:

Expand Your Product Line: A laser engraver allows you to create intricate designs and patterns on wood, which can expand your product offerings. You can produce more complex items like decorative wooden boxes, wall art, and custom furniture pieces.

Increase Precision and Consistency: With laser engraving, you can achieve a higher level of precision and consistency in your designs than with traditional woodworking tools. This will help you produce high-quality products that will impress your customers and generate positive word-of-mouth.

Faster Production Times: Laser engravers can significantly speed up the production process, allowing you to complete projects more quickly and efficiently. This means you can take on more orders and grow your business.

Customization and Personalization: Offer your customers the option to personalize their purchases with custom engraving. This can help you stand out from the competition and attract more customers seeking unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Explore New Materials: While your core business may be woodworking, a laser engraver also allows you to work with other materials like acrylic, leather, and glass. This can help you diversify your product offerings and attract new customers.

Kickstarting Your Small Business with Laser Engravers

Laser engravers, such as the xTool P2, Glowforge Pro, and Gweike Cloud, can be a game changer for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own small business. These laser machines offer precision, speed, and versatility to create a wide range of products, giving you the opportunity to build a business around your creativity and unique skills.

Business Ideas:

Customized Gifts and Accessories: Laser engravers allow you to create personalized items such as keychains, phone cases, cutting boards, and jewelry. You can easily customize these items with names, messages, or designs to cater to individual tastes and preferences.

Signage and Home Decor: Create unique and stylish signs, wall art, or home decor items using laser-engraved wood, acrylic, or glass. Offer custom designs and finishes to attract a wide range of customers.

Wedding and Event Decorations: Offer custom wedding decorations, such as laser-cut invitations, table numbers, place cards, and guest book covers. Similarly, you can create personalized decorations for other events like birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers.

Educational Tools and Toys: Design and produce laser-cut educational materials, such as puzzles, games, and learning aids, for children and adults.

Promotional Products: Offer businesses the opportunity to promote their brand by engraving their logo or message on items like pens, USB drives, business card holders, and more.

These ideas can be completed with virtually any laser on the market. The question is if the additional speed, efficiency and ease of use of the P2 is worth the price increase. For dramatic comparison, my k40 cut well enough but I spent more time fixing it then actually using it! 

xTool P2 Laser Engraver

Conclusion Updated July 2023

When choosing a laser cutter, it’s essential to consider the features, specifications, and pricing that best suit your needs. The xTool P2, Glowforge Pro, and GWeike Cloud laser cutters all offer unique advantages and capabilities. With this comprehensive comparison, you should be better equipped to make an informed decision and choose the laser cutter that’s right for you.

I purchased the P2 for a little over a month. After an initial hiccup my laser is functioning great. The hiccup showed how responsive the xTool team was. Overall I was satisfied with how quickly the issue was resolved. The time difference was a bit frustrating but not enough to change my opinion. 


I do not use the automeasure feature nearly as much as I thought I would, however it is still early in my P2 testing. The close up camera alignment is an absolute gamechanger. Multiple times, I have put a project back on the cutting board (fun name, right?) and lined it up to the original design to absolute precision. This saves time and money as I was able to salvage the project. 


The xTool P2 cuts effortlessly and efficiently, two things I would expect for the price point. Connection via usb or wirelessly has worked every single time without issue. At this point, I have concluded that the Glowforge is not even in the conversation anymore. You will need to decide if the additional features of the P2 stand out against Gweike or even the OMTech Polar. As of right now, I still lean towards the P2 for the sheer sake that I can grow into it. If you are budget constrained then maybe the OMTech or Gweike is better suited for you. As mentioned above, feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions. 

xTool P2 Laser Engraver

Limited time: $800 discount on the P2

Versatility and precision:

If you missed the chance to save $1,000 xTool is still offering a $500 – $1,000 discount that is set to expire in a few weeks.  By using our exclusive link you help support the site. 

Gweike more your style?

Affiliate Links and Trusting Online Reviews:

It’s important to be cautious when reading online reviews, as many of them contain affiliate links that may influence the reviewer’s opinions. Often, reviewers can earn a commission for each product purchased through their links, which may lead to biased reviews or recommendations. In fact, tens of thousands of reviews on amazon are paid for. Sellers provide customers with reimbursements through paypal in order to avoid amazon detecting the fraud. We know all about this. Once upon a time this CraftyCat was in the top 10 of all amazon reviewers globally, I did this by abiding a code of ethics and writing fair and critical reviews of everything that I purchased. Once Amazon changed the rules and paypal payments became popular I decided to exit the hobby. Never once accepting a paypal payment for a “unbiased review”. Be an educated consumer and realize that virtually everything on the internet is for profit in one way or another. If nothing else then to support the content that is being created. That’s what affiliate links like the above do for this website. We love our speakeasy bar arcade, hidden bookcase door and virtual pinball machine but the truth is that they don’t contain any real affiliate links to generate revenue. Our in depth product reviews help support the build plans and other cools things that we offer  on the rest of our site. In fact, that’s why there aren’t many – our primary goal is to offer valuable, trustworthy information to our readers. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive unbiased, well-researched insights to help you make informed decisions about the products you choose.

xTool P2 Laser Engraver


1. Question: What materials can I engrave and cut with these laser cutters?

Answer: These laser cutters can work with various materials, including acrylic, wood, leather, coated metals, anodized aluminum, rubber, glass, and more. However, each laser cutter may have different capabilities and limitations when it comes to specific materials.

2. Question: Can these laser cutters engrave on curved surfaces?

Answer: The xTool P2 has a unique curved surface engraving feature, allowing for precise engraving on curved objects. The Glowforge Pro and GWeike Cloud laser cutters do not have this specific feature.

3. Question: What is the maximum thickness of materials that can be cut with these laser cutters?

Answer: The maximum cutting thickness varies depending on the material and the laser cutter’s power. The xTool P2 can cut up to 18mm black walnut in one pass, while the Glowforge Pro and GWeike Cloud models may have different cutting capabilities.

4. Question: Are these laser cutters suitable for use in homes, schools, and offices?

Answer: Yes, all of these laser cutters are designed for use in various environments, including homes, schools, and offices. The GWeike Cloud laser cutter, for example, features an industrial-grade dust filter for a safe and pollution-free operation.

5. Question: What is the price range for these laser cutters?

Answer: The xTool P2 is priced at $3,999 (after a $1,000 discount), Glowforge Pro at $5,995, GWeike Cloud Home at $2,850, and GWeike Cloud Pro at $3,199. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on promotions and discounts available at the time of purchase.


The xTool P2 is now on Amazon!

The discount has ranged from $600-$800 to launch the products new listing. Click below to see what the current discount is.

xTool P2 Laser Engraver

The History of Laser Engravers

Let’s take a brief look at the history of laser engravers and the K40 laser, which is often considered the starting point for many hobbyists in the world of laser cutting and engraving. Personally, we use and love our k40. It is a tinkerers toy and not nearly as polished as the engravers that we will be comparing today. That being said, it is a great way to get started in the hobby or business. 

The history of laser engraving dates back to the 1960s when the first laser was developed. Since then, laser engravers have evolved significantly, offering more precision, speed, and capabilities than ever before. The K40 laser, a low-cost Chinese laser cutter, became popular among hobbyists due to its affordability. However, it has its limitations, such as a small working area and the need for significant modifications to improve its performance. Below is a picture of our old basement setup. Yes, we are aware that it looks like a supervillian hideout.

How to Plan and Build a Bar in a Basement

Let’s Build a Bar!

Spalted Maple Bar Finished

Click above to get started on building your dream basement bar.

How to Plan and Build a Bar in a Basement

Let’s Build a Speakeasy together

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There were many times that we used the screwdriver on this speakeasy bar. Learn how to build your own (or parts that you like) by clicking above!

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