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My first work area was a fire escape and some basic tools. I have since grew into the hobby. Early on, I was frustrated at instructional videos that claimed a project was quick, easy and cheap. What those videos failed to mention is that their project required thousands of dollars worth of tools to get the job done. I hope that I can avoid this frustration for you by categorizing the project by tool level. See below for more details.

DALL·E 2022-08-17 10.05.21 - bro cat with dirty hat and headphones and Dewalt safety glasses, holding a butter knife, metal beams in the background, cinematic lighting, digital ar

Stray Cat

Scrappy. I get by with my creativity. Need a flat head? This butterknife will work just fine.

DALL·E 2022-08-17 09.54.10 - scrappy bro cat with hat and headphones and Dewalt safety glasses, walking through a brick alley between two row homes, holding a drill, cinematic lig

Alley Cat

I have the street cred and walk the block, but found an alley and acquired some nice things.

A bowl that always seems to have food in it and a warm bundle of blankets tucked in a place that never gets wet.

These humans keep staring at me making weird pst pst sounds. Looking in their window I see all kinds of cool toys to play with.

DALL·E 2022-08-17 09.58.48 - fat bro cat with hat and headphones and Dewalt safety glasses, sleeping on plush royal robes, surrounded by power tools, cinematic lighting, digital a

House Cat

Cats on the street these days have it easy.

Back in my day I could use a butterknife...I could use a I nodded off for a minute, what were we talking about?

Let me go take a sip from my cat fountain and then we can proceed.

Difficulty Levels

Cool, so by using the above information you can determine if you have the right tools for a project. But, what about your skill level? Each Project is assigned a difficulty level to help you understand the complexity of the project. Keep in mind, I learned pretty much everything that I know along the way (and I have plenty more to learn), don’t be afraid to take on a hard project, I hope that my steps get you through it regardless of how much knowledge you had before. Be sure to refer to the 101 classes to brush up on the basics.

You got this. It may take some practice but in the end these are projects that you should be able to complete without ripping your hair out.
Cat in a hat and glasses, cartoon, computer generated DALLE

These projects can take a bit more time and require a bit more skill.


These projects will test your skill but stick to it and the end will be rewarding.

Understand the Categories and difficulty? Why not brush up on some basics.

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I felt that felines were severely underappreciated in the woodworking industry, until I found TheCraftyCatsman. 

DALL·E 2022-08-16 06.39.50 - Gym bro cat wearing a backwards hat listening to big headphones, using a paint brush with one paw, cinematic lighting, digital art



Personally, I find this website appalling. I am most certainly a cat and can tell you that cats are no fun. 

Dog in Cat Costume

Doggy Catsenstien

Definitely a Cat

Often portrayed in the film industry as the villain, disinterested or pompous it is refreshing to see the brighter side 

DALL·E image of a cat in a hat wearing big headphones



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